Selecting Ammo for your Air Rifle

The ammo that you choose for your arsenal will affect your shooting performance. Different types of ammunition serve different purposes, although ultimately they hit a target, they can vary in the damage that they inflict, range of your shoot, and accuracy. Let’s look at some of the most common types of ammos available for your air rifle.

How to Aim and Shoot

If you have never shot an air rifle before this guide will teach you the basics. Only with repeated practice will you become a proficient Marksman.

How to Sight Your Rifle to Zero.

Sighting your rifle to zero is essential in order to get the best possible aim when you use your pistol or rifle. Even if you use your air rifle after taking out of the box you should consider sighting to get precise shots.

Crosman CP4032 4x32mm Rimfire

RioRand Tactical 3-9x40 Optics R4 Reticle Crosshair Air Sniper

Crosman 64 Peep Sight Laser

RioRand Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot Open Reflex Sight