Selecting Ammo for your Air Rifle

The ammo that you choose for your arsenal will affect your shooting performance. Different types of ammunition serve different purposes, although ultimately they hit a target, they can vary in the damage that they inflict, range of your shoot, and accuracy. Let’s look at some of the most common types of ammos available for your air rifle.


The most common type of pellets for your rifle is the pointed pellet. With a pointed tip it has a longer range because of improved aerodynamics, these pellets are good for long range shooting, and outdoor shooting.


Like pointed pellets these pellets have good aerodynamics and relatively good range. The domed tip inflicts a bit more damage than pointed pellets.

Hollow Tips

Hollow tip pellets inflict the most damage possible. If you shoot a can you will see the noticeably bigger hole that will be left compared to other pellets. Good for shooting game, these pellets have less range and lose accuracy over distance. Still these pellets are very good for pinkling.


BBS are the cheapest of all the ammunition that you can buy for your rifle. However range and accuracy is not as good as that of a pellet. If the barrel of your gun is rifled is may cause the rifling to wear down, simply put you wouldn’t be using your rifle to its full potential. But you can go outside and shoot bbs all day if you buy a jar of them.