How to Aim and Shoot

An air rifle is a great to practice your shot, if you have never shot an air rifle before this guide will teach you the basics. Only with repeated practice will you become a proficient Marksman.

The Sights

The front and rear sights are the parts of the gun that will enable to shoot your weapon accurate at long distances. Hand guns come with both front and rear side on the slider of the weapon. Some air rifles allow you to move the sights, others you can remove the stock sights outright and put on your own custom sights. This part of the rifle is called the rail.


When aiming your weapon you want to align the front and rear sights so that front sight is in the middle of the rear sights. Iike in the image below.

The front sight should be on your target, at the same time the front sight is perfectly aligned with the back sight. Your aiming eye should be focused on the front sight, and your target should be out of focus, a silhouette.

If you are aiming a rifle, use the stock to steady your weapon by pressing it up against your shoulder. If you are aiming a hand gun slightly bend your elbows and hold the weapon with both hands. No sideways aiming!

When you are on target slowly pull the trigger, try to time it after exhaling so your breathing does not deviate your shot.

If you are using a rifle you may have to adjust your sights first to get the correct alignment.

Sights of a pistol.
Sights of a rifle.
Figure 3: Sights on target