How to Sight Your Rifle to Zero.

1. Set up Your Rifle Set your rifle ready to fire 20 feet away from your target, set ready to aim and shoot. Set your rifle so that it does not change position, your ability to shoot is not the purpose of the setup, you want a consistent platform so you can zero your rifle. You want First set up your target and take three shots at the bullseye, this will be your baseline. This first grouping will improve when you have your sights aligned correctly. 2. Look at your grouping on your target Adjust your scope based on your first grouping, make the required adjustments and shoot another grouping at your target. Try to use a new target if possible. Repeat the process until your groupings are on or near the bull’s eye. 3. Every so often you should repeat the process as you air rifle and scope might have been subtly adjusted while transporting.